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Conny Plank

Conny Plank was one of the most important and influential music producers to date. His style of production shaped, and continues to shape, the sound of today's legendary bands and set the standards in the world of music. As a tribute to 'Mister Sound' Grönland Records will be releasing a special compilation of his works.


  • Intro
  • Track 1


  • Track 2

    Broken Head

  • Track 3


  • Track 4

    Le Sinistre

  • Track 5


  • Track 6

    Let's have a party

  • Track 7


  • Track 8

    Farmer Gabriel

  • Track 9

    Pitch Control

  • Track 10

    Alles ist Gut

  • Track 11

    Leb Wohl!

  • Track 1 (CD2)


  • Track 2 (CD2)


  • Track 3 (CD2)

    Eleanor Rigby

  • Track 4 (CD2)


  • Track 5 (CD2)

    Security Idiots

  • Track 6 (CD2)

    Was Ziehst du an Heute Nacht

  • Track 7 (CD2)


  • Track 8 (CD2)

    Fritz Müller Traum

  • Track 9 (CD2)

    Deutsches Weihnachts Potpourri

The following is a collection of some of Conny's most iconic productions. It represents an extract of his work and is meant simply as a teaser of what is still to come: The complete Conny Plank catalogue.

Arno Steffen - Schlager

Track: "Hörprobe"

Voice: Christa Fast

Recorded & mixed at: Conny's Studio (1983)

Eno / Moebius / Roedelius - After the Heat

Track: "Broken Head"

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1978)

Phew - Phew

Track: "Signal"

Music by: Conny Plank, Holger Czukay, Jaki Liebezeit, Phew

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1981)

Eurythmics - In the Garden / Never gonna cry again

Track: "Le Sinistre"

Music by: Eurythmics, Jaki Liebezeit, Hoger Czukay, Conny Plank (and Visitations by "Les Vampyrettes")

Originally released as: B-Side on the 7" "Never gonna cry again"

Recorded & mixed at: Conny's Studio (2 Jan - 2 Apr 1981)

Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen

Track: "Feuerland"

Produced by: Plank & Rother

Drums by: Jaki Liebezeit

Recorded at: Conny's Studio

Psychotic Tanks - Security Idiots

Track:Let's have a party

From: the 7" "Psychotic Tanks - Security Idiots" (Robert Crash)

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1980)

Moebius & Plank - Material

Track: "Conditionierer"

Composed & Produced by: Moebius & Plank

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (Jul 1981)

Moebius / Plank / Thompson - Ludwig's Law

Track: "Farmer Gabriel"

Lyrics & Vocals by: Mayo Thompson (The Red Krayola) - Variations from the "En Route" Album

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1983)

Moebius / Plank / Neumeier - Zero Set

Track: "Pitch Control"

Drums by: Manni Neumeier (Guru Guru)

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1983)

D.A.F. - Alles ist Gut

Track: "Alles ist Gut"

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (Dec 1980 - Jan 1981)

NEU! - NEU! '75

Track: "Leb' Wohl"

Produced by Conny Plank & NEU!

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (Dec 1974 - Jan 1975)

Ibliss - Supernova

Track: "Drops"

Produced at: Windrose Studio, Hamburg (Apr - May 1972)

Mixed at: Start Studio, Hamburg (1978)

Engineering & Production by: Conny Plank

ROEDELIUS - Durch die Wüste

Track: "Regenmacher"

Voice, Guitar & Electronics (Mixer) by: Konrad Plank

Recorded & Mixed at: Conny's Studio (1976, slightly changed 1978)


Track: "Eleanor Rigby"

Recorded & Mixed at: Conny's Studio (1975)

Engineering & Production: Conny Plank & Bernd Schreiber


Track: "Negativland"

Recorded at: WIndrose studios, Hamburg (Dec 1971)

Engineering: Conrad Plank

Production: Conrad Plank, Michael Rother, Klaus Dinger

PSYCHOTIC TANKS - Security Idiots

From: the 7" "Psychotic Tanks - Security Idiots" (Robert Crash)

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1980)

D.A.F. - Gold und Liebe (7")

Track: "Was Ziehst du an Heute Nacht"

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1981)

Production & Mix: Conny Plank


Track: Automatic

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1986)

Mixed by: Gebhard & Moebius

FRITZ MÜLLER - Fritz Müller Rock

Track: Fritz Müller Traum

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1977)

Music by: Conny Plank

KONRAD PLANK - From the stricly limited 7"

Track: Deutsches Weihnachts Potpourri

Recorded at: Conny's Studio (1973)