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Conny Plank

Conny Plank was one of the most important and influential music producers to date. His style of production shaped, and continues to shape, the sound of today's legendary bands and set the standards in the world of music. As a tribute to 'Mister Sound' Grönland Records will be releasing a special compilation of his works.


The Berlin based collective "Bohemian Drips" is, in corporation with Grönland Records, organising a series of exclusive live events titled "Conny Plank ReWork Sessions Live." Each event will feature both a live arrangement of the digitalised Conny Plank archive material by one of the ReWork artists, and a live concert by one the legendary representatives of the German Krautrock-scene.


with Hans Joachim Roedelius (live) & Credit 00 (ReWork Artist) Djs - Tiney, esclé & Lislbar

We're looking forward to welcoming Hans-Joachim Roedelius of the band Cluster, who will be performing live at the Conny Plank ReWork Session in Dresden. ReWork Artist will be Credit 00 from Uncanny Valley. DJ support comes from Berlin DJs Esclé and Lislbar and additionally from local DJ Tiney.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Qluster, Harmonia) /live

Credit 00 (Rework Artist - Uncanny Valley/ Dresden) /live

Tiney (Uncanny Valley, Nation/ Dresden) /dj

esclé (Nacht, bohemian drips/ Leipzig) /dj

Lislbar (bohemian drips/ Berlin) /dj

with Jaki Liebezeit & Dominiki von Senger (live) + Toulouse Low Trax (ReWork Artist) Djs - esclé, Lislbar & Wermuth

We're looking forward to welcoming drumming-legend JAKI LIEBEZEIT from the band Can, who will be performing alongside Kraut guitarist DOMINIK VON SENGER. ReWork artist on the night will be TOULOUSE LOW TRAX from the band Kreidier. DJ support by esclé and Lislbar & Wermuth.

Jaki Liebezeit & Dominik von Senger (Can/Phantom Band) /live

YouTube - 33 Jahre Basement - Jaki Liebezeit - Dominik von Senger

Toulouse Low Trax (Kreidler/Düsseldorf) /live

YouTube - Tolouse Low Trax - Barka

esclé (Nacht, bohemian drips/ Leipzig) /dj

Lislbar & Wermuth (bohemian drips/ Berlin) /dj


The cosmic sound of early german electronic music has always had a strong connection to modern design and visual graphics - as part of the Bohemian Drips Collective, the visual artist "Abstrakte Zustandsmachine" (Berlin based artist Nikolaus Goetz) will bring cosmic-visual atmosphere to the release party @ ZMF Berlin. His works are made strictly with analogue equipment, based on VHS cassettes.

Vimeo - abstrakte zustandsmaschine, //boot